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West Yellowstone & Big Sky Adult Counseling and Classes

- Adult Counseling and Classes -
    Call ADSGC at 406-586-5493 for more information.
- Other Services
    ADSGC can set up interventions for families or employers.  We can provide employers with interventions or intervention strategies, as well as tools for use in
    approaching addicted or alcoholic employees. 

    Referrals are made for dual-diagnosed and other clients that may better fit in a mental - health focused program, or those who wish to approach more than one therapy at a time.
Intervention -
    Concerned persons are provided information on treatment options that are available through the process of an intervention.

Employee Assistance -

    Assistance to local employers, employees and their families, by appointment.
Prevention/Education -
    Offering presentations to interested groups on topics related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
Court Mandated Classes -
    A series of classes is provided for individuals convicted of drinking/driving offenses. State-mandated education/evaluations are provided. The program used is the evidence-based, "Prime for Life."
Outpatient Program -
    Offering bi-weekly groups for individuals on the waiting list for treatment, as well as education and individual therapy for individuals needing a lesser level of treatment than an Individual Outpatient Program.
Referral -
    Our goal is to determine what services will best meet an individual or family needs and makes the appropriate referral to treatment and/or other programs and professionals.

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Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County 
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