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Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service Training

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service (RASS) training
  • provides information about methods to prevent underage sales and over consumption of alcohol.
  • targets on-site alcohol establishments, like bars and restaurants, and off-site outlets selling alcohol to go, such as grocery and convenience stores.

The 2011 Montana Legislature made RASS training mandatory

Senate Bill 29 mandates that retail establishments and manufacturers licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages ensure that all licensees and their employees that sell or serve alcoholic beverages receive proper training. Responsible alcohol sales and service training covers state law prohibiting the sale or service of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age and to persons who are intoxicated.

To be in compliance with the law:

  • Each employee authorized to sell or serve alcohol, their immediate supervisor and all licensees must be trained in a state approved alcohol sales and service training program;
  • All required employees must be trained within 60 days of hire;
  • All required employees must be trained every three years after their initial training; and
  • Each licensee must maintain employment records verifying employee completion of the required training.
RASST training is designed to
  • Clarify the laws regarding sales of alcohol.
  • Reduce youth access to alcohol through retail and social sources.
  • Encourage alcohol retailers to comply with existing laws that prohibit the sale of
    alcohol to obviously intoxicated customers.
  • Reduce youth access to alcohol at community events and binge drinking at community events.
  • Strengthen employee job skills and reduce the civil liability incurred when an over-intoxicated customers causes a fatal crash or commits an alcohol-related crime.
Montana’s RASST program functions a lot like traffic school for those caught speeding. By attending, businesses can expect a reduction in fines or other penalties after they’ve been cited for selling to minors or intoxicated persons.

RASST training aims to prevent violations before they occur.
source The Montana Community Change Project
for additional information, visit: Alcohol Server Training in Montana

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